MetAlive® dental abutmentsworld premiere in  Finland, the 3rd of. Oct 2014

MetAlive® dental abutments world premiere in Finland, 3rd of. Oct 2014 MetAlive® Ti and Zr abutments produced by Into Dental are presented at the Finnish Dental Society, Apollonia's congress for implantologists the 3rd of Oct 2014, in Helsinki Finland.

The Into Dental individual Ti and Zr abutments, with the MetAlive surface modification are to be seen at the exhibition. Into Dental produces and sells MetAlive® modified abutments in Finland, starting from the 3rd of Oct 2014.

Human tissue identifies the unique nanotechnological bioactive MetAlive surface and cell growth settles down tight on the surface of the abutment. The new growth seals the wound rapidly and closes the gate to bacteria and infections. 



Implanttihoidon sudenkuoppia, osa III

Time: the 3rd of. Oct 2014,  8.30-19.00

Location: Allergiatalo , Paciuksenkatu 19 HELSINKI, FINLAND